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Hair Extensions



Hair that you may only dream about is now possible. Discover the most advanced hair extension systems on earth!

Share in what celebrities and television personalities have been doing for years! This hair extension method takes thin hair and makes it thick, takes short hair and makes it long, and takes flat hair and makes it full.

Why Pierre Haddad hair extensions?

Long hair has always been sought after. Nothing has changed for decades, but the dream of long hair is often difficult. Environmental factors, stress and chemicals in hair products often weaken the hair’s condition.

Many people believe hair extensions are a damaging and unnatural solution.

However, when done at Pierre Haddad – the best hair extensionists in Sydney – they’re almost impossible to distinguish from natural hair, and in just a few hours, you can add great length and volume.

Pierre Haddad Hair Extensions are the best hair extensions in Sydney. When sourcing hair extensions, Pierre travelled to different villages in Ukraine to get the very best Russian Hair. And more importantly, he made sure the hair purchased from villages had been donated appropriately and in the correct circumstances.

Pierre Haddad Hair has built excellent relationships with these suppliers to ensure the absolute best quality of human hair. Our hair extensions look natural and voluminous using a hair-friendly application method.

The Copper Bell method allows the hair to grow freely with limited to no damage. Pierre Haddad Hair researches the latest trends in Hair Extensions, exclusively importing Russian and Siberian Hair to use in the Sydney salon.

Beware of fake russian hair extensions!

Many salons claim they have Russian Hair extensions, but more often than not they’re misleading clients. This misleading information is like receiving silver when you’ve requested 24-carat gold!

The Process

Hair extensions are attached to small strands of the hair using copper bells to create fullness. This means that they are extremely comfortable to wear and, most importantly, completely invisible to detect. Copper bells are so invisible that they make this method the most natural and most advanced on the market. Most important of all, your own hair is not damaged.

Copper bells

Copper bells are the invisible attachment mechanism that holds the extension in place. There is no use of excessive heat or stress placed onto the attachment area, which means there’s absolutely no damage to your own hair. They’re essentially weightless and transparent, ensuring the wearer complete confidence and comfort. Our copper bell extensions use premium Russian and Siberian hair, which can range in length depending on the bundle you choose. If you require a specific length, consult one of our experts to ensure your length and colour are in stock.


Color matching & Blending

We have all grades of 100% human Siberian and Russian hair available in curly, wavy or straight varieties.

Custom colour matching and special blending are offered for the most natural-looking results, including highlights and balayage.

Perfect Hair tape extensions

Tape extensions are designed to add volume, length and thickness in approximately an hour! Our tape in hair extensions use premium Siberian hair and are attached with heat-resistant, medically-tested adhesive for comfortable, secure wear. Each sandwich is 22 inches long, with flat 4cm wide pieces for easy blending and application. Plus, with 26 colours to choose from colour matching is easy! If you require a specific length, consult one of our experts to order your extension length. We recommend re-lifting your tape extensions every 6-8 weeks for damage-free wear.

Tape in hair extensions are an incredibly great way to switch up your style without committing to a long-term look. Unlike other extensions, tape in hair extensions give you a completely natural and undetectable look that is designed to last for weeks at a time with proper maintenance. Best of all, tape in extensions are also very lightweight, making them more comfortable and subtle than heavier alternatives. Not only do tape in hair extensions provide length and volume, but they can also be used to bring depth and colour to your look with minimal damage compared to other dyeing methods!

Hair Extension Types


With years of experience in the hair extensions trade, we can assure you that we know our product and pride ourselves on the purest quality hair extensions available on the market. We only source the best Virgin Russian Hair Extensions. Strand-by-strand, our Virgin Russian Hair is the best you will ever find. The hair is imported directly from Russia and Peru, where it’s collected from suppliers of authentic premium Virgin Russian Hair from cold Siberian regions. Our Virgin Russian Hair is in its purest state and has never been chemically treated in any form. Our Virgin Russian Hair Extensions are the best.


We know our customers want long-lasting, gorgeous hair. That is why we take our time when selecting each batch of our Siberian hair for a product you can rely on. Siberian Hair Extensions naturally match hair types that are smooth or have a natural wave giving you a more natural look. It is equally important to use high-quality Siberian hair for your extensions to achieve the look you desire. You will be more than satisfied with the quality. Our colours range from dark brown, auburn to light blonds and reds. This hair is beautiful, with all-natural colours. Our Siberian hair comes in 18 inches and 22 inches, available in Tapes, Copper Bells and Fusion tips.

How long does it last?

Once extensions have been applied, if you have nothing else done, your hair will stay looking good for around 4 months.
Clients are normally put on a maintenance plan. Depending on your natural rate of hair growth, you’ll require 2-3 hours of maintenance every 8 weeks.

During this maintenance session, we remove sections of extension hair that are beginning to grow down and reapply them at a more suitable height. This is done on a rota system so that your hair stays looking as good as when you first had it applied.

What about my roots regrowth on my coloured hair?

No problem. We can either do tint re-growth while wearing the extensions, or we can do foil highlights or lowlights. However, we do insist on returning to us for colour while wearing our extensions, otherwise we can’t, of course, guarantee our work.

Can I swim / sauna / shampoo / condition etc?

With the versatile and many undetectable systems we use, you can go swimming, just carefully comb out any tangles that may be present starting from the bottom and working your way up. Once the hair has been detangled braid the hair in two to ensure that all of the hair is protected. Following your dip, be sure to wash your hair immediately to remove any damaging chemicals such as chlorine. We don’t recommend prolonged use of saunas as this can soften the bond causing the hair extension to slip out.

What do you use to stick it in with and is it real hair?

Hair extensions are attached to the hair to create length and fullness with small strands applied underneath your hair. They are extremely comfortable to wear, impossible to detect and they don’t damage your hair. Copper bells are so invisible that it makes this method the most natural and most advanced on the market.

They are essentially weightless and transparent. Camouflage is assured so you’ll experience complete comfort and confidence. Custom colour matching and special blending are offered for natural-looking results. With no excessive heat or stress on the attachment area, your own hair isn’t damaged.

The removal process is easy and fast, with no heat.

The hair we use is 100% human hair, either European, Russian, Peruvian or Indian.

Does it ruin your hair?

We are extremely meticulous and cautious of the well-being and health of your hair and scalp, both in wearing extensions, application and removal. Once applied, it’s an excellent way of growing your hair, and definitely will not harm your own hair. In effect, wearing extensions will benefit your own hair as you need fewer styling products and heat tools.

How long does it take?

To add bulk to fine hair, or to extend a hairline would take around 1 hour. To extend the length of a full head of hair takes 2 hours.

How do I maintain my hair extensions?

Do not go to bed without drying your extensions, as this leads to tangles of hair. Allow the use of a hairdryer, but avoid drying the hair with very hot air: the air jet should be slightly warm or cold. You can also dry your hair naturally – but keep in mind that because of the extra volume, it can take longer.

Conversely, the natural hair additions are real hair, so it’s possible to dry your extensions as you would dry yours. Like your natural hair, try not to abuse the hairdryer if you want to avoid damaging them too quickly – especially if you want to keep your extensions as long as possible. On the other hand, the keratin used is sensitive to the heat, so be careful not to expose heat there. The hair can be left slightly damp, but the roots must be dried to the end.

We do educate you while doing your hair, so you are completely confident and competent at looking after your hair. We will also advise you about which products to use when you leave the salon.

How much does it cost?

Please check our price list for our hair extension pricing.

OK, I want hair extension. What do I do now?

Book a free consultation. This will take about 20 minutes. We check your scalp for health and decide on your style and colour required. If you meet all the criteria necessary at the consultation you will be required to pay a deposit which will be the cost of the hair. We can then book your appointment.