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Tape Hair Extensions: A Beginner's Guide

Sep 23, 2020


Tape Hair Extensions: A Beginner's Guide

If you’re new to the hair care game, you may have heard about tape hair extensions, the most popular and luxurious extensions on the market. But you may be asking, what are tape extensions? If you feel lost, don’t worry! We’ve broken down the most asked questions on tape hair extensions to help your long hair decision.

How Do Tape Extensions Work?

Tape hair extensions are semi-permanent, 4cm wide attachments, applied to the hair with medical-grade adhesive, creating instant long lengths. The application process is easier than other extensions, taking up to an hour by a hair professional, making them a popular option. They're fast, efficient and easily styled. The flat, heat-resistant bonds mean that the hair can be straightened and styled for a natural, blendable look. But more importantly, they’re comfortable! Depending on the extension quality, the flat attachments are light, so you won't even notice them while sleeping.

Do Tape Extensions Damage Hair?

This depends on the extensions, the hairstylist and the upkeep. But overall, tape hair extensions are the safest, most hair-friendly method to give you long, beautiful lengths. This is due to the weightless strips and adhesive that lie perfectly flat against the head, reducing strain and discomfort. But, if the extensions are placed too close to the scalp, they can irritate and pull the hair strands.

How Do I Remove Tape Extensions?

We recommend getting a salon professional to remove your extensions instead of DIYing. Over time the adhesive will naturally lose its grip, but to avoid pulling out your hair along with the extensions, get a salon professional to remove them with a tape extension remover. These are usually an oil or alcohol dissolvent that loosens the adhesive for easy removal.

How Long Do Tape Extensions Last?

Your tape extensions should last up to 6 – 8 weeks before needing re-lifting. Depending on how well you maintain your locks, your extensions can be reused for each re-lifting session.

How Many Extensions Do I Need For A Full Head?

People with fine hair need only 30 – 40 sandwiches for a full head of hair. In comparison, thick hair requires up to 60 sandwiches for the best length and thickness.

Why Should I Use Tape Extensions?

If you’re short on time but want comfortable, easy lengths without the hassle, tape extensions are for you! Tape extensions are versatile and thick for an instant long hair transformation. Are you ready for your hair transformation? For more on tape extensions, go to

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