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How To: The Perfect Sleek Pony

Nov 09, 2020


How To: The Perfect Sleek Pony

The ponytail is undoubtedly one of our favourite hairstyles, bringing a sleek elegance to any outfit or event. Like any good thing, though, the style can become tired if you don't give it a revamp. If you're looking for new ways to update your ponytail, you'll love this easy hair tutorial, where we break down the steps to our iconic low pony. All you need is a hairdryer, a round brush and Oribe Gold Lust Oil for sleek, polished ends. So, if you’re ready, read on.

The Low Pony

The low pony has had a major comeback this year thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Margot Robbie, who have worn the hairstyle on several red carpets. The key to this iteration of the pony is shiny, silky lengths, but in reality, it's a great style to hide three-day-old unwashed hair. We love this look for its versatility and have even styled the low pony for our Melbourne Cup Hair Edit, adding accessories.

Our Low Ponytail Steps

Step 1: Prep hair with a heat protectant and blow dry straight with a round brush, with tension on the roots. Extra tip: Make sure your hair is semi-dry and to use a medium heat, low-speed setting to reduce split ends. Step 2: Part the hair and tuck behind the ears, using a soft paddle brush to sweep the hair down by the neck. Extra tip: For super sleek ends, finish by straightening hair with a GHD. Step 3: Using a band, tie the hair at the nape of the neck. Step 4: Wrap a small piece of hair around the band and fix it at the bottom with a bobby pin. Step 5: Polish and smooth your ends with Oribe Gold Lust Oil. Extra Tip: Add accessories for a chic day-to-night look.

Want a Longer Ponytail?

If you've got shoulder-length or short hair, you can still wear this iconic hairstyle thanks to hair extensions, either using a ponytail hair attachment, or clip-in extensions. We recommend following steps 1 and 2 before attaching your extensions for a seamless blend. The best hair extensions are worn invisibly, so make sure to correctly colour match with quality lengths. To see our hair tutorial in action, make sure to head to our YouTube Channel for a step-by-step view. What do you think of our easy, low pony hairstyle?

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