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Unlock your inner styling goddess with a free 30-minute styling lesson at Pierre Haddad with every ghd purchase. New from ghd, the oracle curler uses patented breakthrough curl-zone technology to create curls easier than ever before. Combining the unique U shape, styling power of heat and setting effect of cooling, a vast variety of curls on all hair types is here, all in just one stroke. No matter which section of hair you're styling, a slight tilt or change of angle will have you producing an array of different curls and waves, from loose and beachy to tighter, more uniformed locks.

Deep Wave

Bring back the glamour of Hollywood past with this classic and sophisticated look. Deep Waves are the epitome of an era gone by, modernised with a strong side parting and adorned with accessories.

ghd oracle™ creates a multitude of curls with just the tilt of the styler; for this look though, style the hair in the same direction for tight ringlets and dress out with a paddle brush for waves that flow effortlessly over themselves. Finish with a spritz of a light hairspray for a look that will not go amiss on any red carpet.

How to: Beach Hair Beach Hair will always be on trend; loose and undone, curls with an air of relaxed control. You don't need to be on holiday to look like you've had a day at the beach with this hairstyle. This look is all about curling in different directions throughout to make hair look natural and carefree - tilting the ghd oracle™ will give you the freedom to make your waves and curls unique to you and the style you long for. Dress out the curls with a detangling comb and a spritz with dry shampoo to create the ultimate beach hair! How To: [embed][/embed]