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Grow Longer Hair Naturally

Nov 17, 2020


Grow Longer Hair Naturally

If you’ve ever had hair growth problems, you've probably gone through all the natural methods like aloe vera, coconut oil and scalp massaging to stimulate growth. But the truth is it takes more than oils and nourishing lotions to grow hair. Hair growth is a complicated process, dependent on several factors like scalp health and follicle production, so to help you on your long hair journey, we’ve got some tips to make things easier. So, if you’re ready for healthy, long hair, read on!

Hair Health and Strength

The best thing about our hair is that no matter how much we colour or damage our lengths, it continues to grow and can be repaired over time. An essential part of hair growth involves our hair follicles – the root where growth begins. The hair sprouts from this root and continues to grow for about seven years before it falls out. However, poor scalp health can lead to early breakage and even prevent new hair from growing. This results in thin, broken strands that stop you from looking your best. But don’t worry, there are remedies to prevent follicle breakage, which we'll cover.

Hair Collagen

Collagen and protein are major components of hair growth since hair is made of proteins like keratin. Keratin provides structural support in our hair, but as we age, so does our hair, changing texture and becoming thinner. Where collagen comes in is that it contains amino acids that strengthen hair follicles and aid in keratin production to rebuild your hair health. It’s why collagen is HUGE at the moment, becoming one of the most requested supplements and hair growth products.

What Can I Do?

To stimulate hair growth, there are a couple of solutions, including hair rejuvenating products and hair vitamins.

Hair Growth Shampoo - Longue

We recommend Longue Shampoo and Conditioner, a formula produced by salon professionals and clinically proven to boost hair growth up to 3x faster. Longue works by focusing on scalp health with collagen-boosting amino acids to aid keratin production and strengthen follicles. Healthy scalp is key to long, thick hair, so that’s where you want to start.

JSHealth Hair + Energy Vitamins

As well as antioxidants, our hair responds to nutrients like kelp to restore growth and strength. The JS hair vitamin formula works using kelp, an ingredient high in iodine, to balance thyroid production and prevent thinning hair. At the same time, zinc supports healthy hair, regulating the follicles, and repairing hair tissue for thick, long lengths. We recommend using both Longue and JSHealth Hair + Energy for the best results, promoting healthy hair from the inside and out. You’ll have long hair in no time! Note: JSHealth Hair + Energy isn’t suitable for people with thyroid problems due to the high contents of iodine. What do you think about hair vitamins and rejuvenating shampoo? For more hair tips and tricks, read our other blogs here.

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