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Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

Sep 16, 2020


Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to hair care, including the myth that hair extensions are damaging. There is some truth to this, especially with cheap extensions applied by non-salon professionals. But, overall, hair extensions are gentle and can even promote hair growth! If you’re a hair addict interested in hair extensions, read on.

Truth to the Myth

As we mentioned, there is some truth to the myth, especially for permanent types of hair extensions. Though hair technology has come a long way, permanent extensions using heat and glue for installation can be the harshest on our hair strands. If the bonds aren’t removed correctly, they can pull hair out with the extensions causing unnecessary hair loss. But don’t worry, there are better methods, including microbead hair extensions and tape hair extensions that use medical-grade adhesive for comfortable, long wear. The durable bonds and wide hairpieces mean tape extensions are virtually invisible for long, thick lengths.

Don't All Extensions Strain Our Hair?

Hair extensions can strain our hair, leading to traction alopecia from the constant pulling if you over wear your extensions. We advise that you get your extensions applied by a salon professional reducing the risk of strain and natural hair loss. With good quality extensions and a salon professional touching up your extensions every 8 – 10 weeks, you’ll maintain your natural length and thickness.

Do Hair Extensions Help Hair Growth?

Whether you prefer tape, clip-ins, or microbeads, your hair extensions can actually help hair growth when applied correctly. The extensions act as a protectant against styling and heat damage, meaning you have more options in your daily styling.

Which Hair Extensions Are The Best?

While clip-in extensions are the least damaging due to their semi-permanent nature, microbead extensions offer a more natural look. Microbead extensions don’t require glue in their application, making them the safest technique. Plus, the hair is reusable! Microbead Details:
  • The safest method as the extensions are applied to hair strands greater in weight, reducing damage.
  • Requires a Qualified Hair Stylist for the safest and best results.
  • Can be worn up to 10 - 8 weeks per application.
  • The hair is reusable, reducing waste.

What If My Hair Is Damaged?

If hair extensions are applied and removed correctly, there’s no need to take a break between applications. Haircare maintenance every 8 – 10 weeks is key for healthy hair. However, if your hair is damaged, it’s best to strengthen your hair before reapplying extensions. We recommend a treatment like Hair Botox to reinforce the hair strands from damage, promoting growth. Are you thinking about getting hair extensions? For more, check out our hair extension page!

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