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Three Ways to Style Clip In Extensions

Apr 01, 2021


Three Ways to Style Clip In Extensions

Are you ready for a change but aren't ready to commit to tape hair extensions? Clip in extensions are a perfect way to level up your hair without the full-time maintenance, and better yet you don’t even need a full-set to achieve your dream hair. For these styling techniques, all you need are either a 2-piece, 3-piece or 1-piece clip in set with some styling products.

E-girl Fringe

Estimated prep time: 2 minutes. Last year, chunky face-framing highlights were huge, and now it’s easier than ever to replicate the E-girl look. For this style, you’ll need a 2-piece set of front extensions in a different colour to your hair. Step: 1 Using a comb, section your fringe and clip away from the face. Step 2: Taking one of the front extensions, clip under your fringe as close to the scalp as possible. Then repeat with the second extension piece. Tip: use a powder volumiser at the roots to prevent slippage. Step 3: Unclip your fringe and brush into the extension pieces to complete the two-tone look.

The Classic Low Pony

Estimated prep time: 10 minutes. It’s a classic for a reason and a great way to change your style if you're sick of short hair. For this hairstyle, you'll need a 1-piece set of extensions to wrap around the ponytail or to clip at the back of your hair. Step 1: Part your hair at the crown, then take the 1-piece clip and attach under the hair as close to the scalp as possible. Step 2: Using a brush, sweep the hair back and tie with an elastic. To hide flyaway pieces around the elastic, take a 1 cm wide piece of hair and wrap around the hair, fastening with a pin under the hair. Another way to create this look is to wrap the 1-piece clip in extension around your existing ponytail, fastening to the hair tie. To hide any bumps, repeat Step 2 by wrapping a piece of hair around the ponytail base.

Thick Curls

Estimated prep time: 20 minutes. Already have long hair but need a little more oomph? One of the easiest ways to add thickness is with a 3-piece set of side volumising extensions, which blend perfectly for seriously thick hair. When combined with curled hair, you’ll have a mane that's Instagram-worthy. Step 1: Prep the extensions and your hair using a heat protectant. Step 2: Before attaching the extensions, curl your hair using a hair straightener. Holding the straightener vertically, wrap your hair around the barrel and curl away from the face. Repeat this step, curling in the opposite direction. Step 3: Curl your extensions using the same method by holding the straightener horizontally and curling in opposite directions. Step 4: Using a comb, part your hair 1 cm from the ear horizontally. Then attach the extensions along the part and close to the crown, clipping them into place. Step 5: Using a comb or your fingers, gently separate the curls, blending the extensions and your natural hair together. Finish off by using hairspray to keep your locks in place. Are you ready to try clip in extensions? For more tips and tricks, find our other blogs here

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