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Keratin Treatments – Which is Best for Your Hair?

Apr 07, 2021


Keratin Treatments – Which is Best for Your Hair?

If you’ve ever had thick or frizzy hair, you know keratin treatments are a lifesaver, cutting your daily styling in half. But with so many different treatments to choose from, it’s hard to know which is best for you, so we've created the ultimate treatment list based on hair type, from Charcoal to Glass Hair Treatments. All you need to do is read on!

Charcoal Relaxing Treatment

Perfect for: chemically treated hair, dark, coarse and frizzy hair Looking for something a little different? While charcoal isn’t traditionally used in smoothing treatments, it’s a powerful ingredient to absorb oil while nourishing and smoothing lengths. The Charcoal Relaxer works by using amino acids and charcoal extracts alongside a heavy formula that weighs the hair during processing for seriously smooth lengths. This makes it perfect for thick hair types that need extra product or processing time with other treatments. Unlike other keratin treatments, the Charcoal Relaxing Treatment smooths without damaging or changing hair texture. Plus, it’s formaldehyde-free! To prolong the life of your treatment, we recommend using a sulphate-free shampoo with gentle cleansing agents to avoid overly stripping the hair.

Glass Hair Keratin

Perfect for: all hair types Glass hair is defined as smooth, shiny hair almost resembling glass. Glass hair might sound unachievable, but with this keratin treatment, it’s easier than you think! Glass keratin is similar to a traditional keratin treatment but is nonchemical, meaning it's more like a deep conditioning treatment to hydrate and protect hair. Using keratin protein, the hair is moisturised and smoothed while adding serious shine. Being nonchemical, it’s perfect for all hair types, but especially for people sensitive to chemicals like formaldehyde.

Guava Latino Keratin

Perfect for: blonde, frizzy, coarse hair and sensitive skin types Like the Charcoal Relaxer, the Guava Latino Keratin is a powerful treatment that naturally smooths with amino acids and keratin without changing or damaging hair texture. The treatment works by allowing the amino acids and protein to penetrate deep into the hair cuticle while coating the outer layer to smooth and hydrate lengths. This means it’s perfect for most hair types, including chemically treated hair (coloured, permed, relaxed) and frizzy, coarse hair types. And like the Charcoal Relaxer, it’s also formaldehyde-free! Which keratin treatment is best for you? For more hair tips and tricks, find our other blogs here.

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