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The Best Way to Colour-Lock Hair

Mar 24, 2021


The Best Way to Colour-Lock Hair

We’ve all been there – you’ve left the salon with the perfect hair colour, and only a few weeks later your locks are faded and dull needing a boost. Hair colour can be a major investment, especially with balayage and specialist colour, so to save your wallet and your hair, we’ve found the best ways to protect your coloured lengths.

Wash Less

While we don’t suggest avoiding showering all together, we do recommend limiting how often you wash your hair, especially after colouring. You’ll want to wait at least 72 hours after colouring to allow the hair cuticle to close, setting the colour. No matter the shade, some fading is expected when you wash your hair, but to keep it at a minimum try washing with cool instead of hot water 1-2 times a week. Hot water opens the cuticle layer, which is why you’ll see the colour rinsing down the drain. Shampoo can also strip colour, so the less your wash, the longer your hair colour will keep.

Use the Right Products

As we mentioned, shampoo can be overly stripping to your lengths, causing serious colour fade. To save your colour, you’ll want to use products specially formulated for coloured hair. Hair colour shampoos use gentle cleansing agents instead of sulphates to reduce fading while strengthening lengths. These gentle cleansers preserve the life of your colour by keeping the colour molecules trapped in the cuticle while washing. They also contain deep conditioning ingredients to hydrate since colour treated hair is prone to dryness and breakage. We recommend the Keratin Infused Coloured Shampoo that’s sulphate-free and blended with nourishing ingredients like keratin, aloe and shea butter for healthy, long hair.

Treat with Hair Oil

How you treat your lengths daily will have a huge impact on your hair colour. In general, it’s always best to use a protective product, but especially if you iron and curl your hair. A heat protectant will coat your hair, creating a barrier from the heat, as heat can react with the colour in the cuticle, causing fade. Try using a lower heat temperature combined with a heat protectant to prolong your colour. We recommend Revive Oil, a heat protectant and hydrating formula with argan oil and omega-3 for silky, smooth lengths. What’s your go-to hair colour product? For more tips and tricks, read our other blog articles here.    

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