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How to Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

Mar 19, 2021


How to Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

If you’ve finally had enough of short hair and tried tape hair extensions, you’ll know how satisfying long hair can be. But, double the length requires double the maintenance! Your locks can turn from soft and thick to tangled and thin in no time, so luckily, we've found the best hair extension tips from the professionals who apply them daily.

Hair Extension Tip #1

Knots and tangles are tape extension's worst enemy, with constant tugging from brushing loosening the attachments, and even pulling out your hair! A major tip is to avoid brushing your hair extensions while wet and instead waiting until they're dry and brushing from the bottom up to prevent tension. To make things even easier, we recommend buying a hair extension brush with gentle bristles as normal brushes can catch on the extensions causing damage. To keep your tape extensions tangle-free and beautiful, brush twice a day, morning and night.

Hair Extension Tip #2

Washing your extensions is another step in your hair routine that can quickly lead to disaster. To keep your lengths perfect, you'll want gentle haircare products without sulphates. A good choice is a sulphate-free and sodium-chloride-free shampoo, which deeply cleanses without overly stripping the hair with harsh foaming agents. This is important to preserve the natural oils in your hair and to wash away product build-up between the attachments, which can cause irritation. Most professionals advise washing your extensions as little as possible, but around 2-3 times a week is perfect for cleaning away dirt and product.

Hair Extension Tip #3

As you probably noticed during the application, tape extensions are applied with adhesive close to the root for a seamless blend. This means extra care is required around the scalp to keep your extensions intact. Following on from our last tip, using excessive product around the roots can cause the extensions to slip by breaking down the adhesive. We recommend washing your hair thoroughly and avoiding heavy oil products around the attachments, and instead applying product from the mid-length down. If you love straightening your hair, we also recommend avoiding heat temperatures over 200℃ near the attachments to prevent loosening the adhesive. But, if a few pieces do come loose, don't worry. Your hairdresser can easily reapply the hair with re-tapes to keep your lengths perfect. Are you thinking about getting tape extensions? For hair extension tips, read our other blog articles here.[

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