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How to Repair Damaged Hair

Apr 14, 2021


How to Repair Damaged Hair

No matter the hair type, we’ve all experienced dreaded hair damage from either over-styling or over-colouring our hair. Damaged hair can be brittle, thin, dry or dull and can even snap making our hair uneven. It’s everyone's worst nightmare, but luckily with a little time and the right products, you can get your hair back to its healthy, shiny self.

Colour Damage

Colour-damaged hair can be the hardest to repair due to the ammonia and peroxide that penetrate the hair cuticle causing dryness. Dry hair is easily fixed with a hydrating treatment or oil, but if you colour your hair regularly, the damage can take months to fix. This type of hair damage is caused by the ammonia weakening the disulfide bonds needed for hair strength which subsequently causes breakage. To increase hydration and strength, we recommend changing your hair routine, starting with your shampoo and conditioner and opting for a colour-friendly, hydrating formula. Follow up with a weekly hydrating treatment, and you’ll have your hair back in a few months. Repairing colour damage does take time, so if you need to colour your hair, try a semi-permanent colour or gloss without ammonia or peroxide to let your hair repair.

Heat Damage

If your daily styling requires straightening or blow-drying, you may be familiar with heat-damaged ends. Heat damaged hair is usually dry and rough with split ends, and like colour damaged hair can snap off if you overdo it. The remedy for heat damage is pretty simple: stop using heat tools. However, this is easier said than done if you have rebellious hair. Instead, try switching up your hairstyle, letting your hair naturally dry and tying it up, or use a lower heat setting on your heat tools. Combine this with a heat protectant, a weekly hydrating hair treatment and a nourishing shampoo, and your lengths will be soft and healthy in no time.

Sun Damage

Spent too much time at the beach over the summer? If your hair is discoloured, dry or unmanageable, it could be sun-damaged. UVA and UVB rays can damage the hair cuticle and affect the keratin protein needed for strength and vibrancy. A good way to fix sun damage is to avoid the sun as much as possible or to apply a sun-protecting product such as a mask or a hair treatment with UVA and UVB filters. Add this to your regular hair routine, and you’ll be prepped and sun-ready! Are you struggling with hair damage? For more hair maintenance tips and tricks, find our other blogs here.

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