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The Best Hair Masks for Dry Hair

Apr 20, 2021


The Best Hair Masks for Dry Hair

The temperature is officially dropping and so is your hair's moisture thanks to the autumn chill. Like summer, dry autumn air can leave your lengths brittle and dehydrated, causing breakage and split ends. But before you cut off those split ends, see our list of hydrating masks to banish dry hair. You’ll thank us!

Why Use a Hair Mask?

A hair mask is a good idea for several reasons, but mainly to deeply condition lengths from the inside out with a formula of hydrating oils and nutrients. What makes them so effective is the time available for the product to soak into the hair shaft rather than a conditioner which only coats the hair's outer layer. Plus, depending on hair type, masks are available to solve every hair problem, including frizzy, over-processed and dull hair.

Hydrating Masks

Dry and dehydrated hair is usually caused by a lack of moisture in the air, and thanks to hydrating masks, we can inject moisture back into our lengths with oils, nutrients and protein. The formulas are concentrated and designed for intensive repair, working in about 20 minutes to condition and repair hair. Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque The Oribe Gold Lust Masque is a potent mix of white tea, baobob and jasmine extracts that work by strengthening and repairing the hair cuticle to restore softness and shine. It’s jam-packed with other ingredients like collagen, biotin and niacinamide. But the main take away is that these antioxidants and nutrients protect against dryness and damage, making it an all-in-one mask perfect for all year round. Charcoal Revitalising Treatment The Charcoal Revitalising Treatment is a super moisturising formula that uses charcoal extracts and amino acids to absorb oil and repair lengths. Its creamy texture makes it perfect for coarse and frizzy hair, but it’s also perfect for smoothing and conditioning all hair types. Use this weekly with the Charcoal Revitalising Shampoo for ultra-clean, hydrated lengths. Snaplex #3 Treatment While this treatment is usually for coloured hair, it’s also a great weekly treatment to repair and strengthen dry hair. Using a mix of protein and vitamin E, the formula reconnects and multiplies the hair bonds to prevent breakage at the molecular level. It’s a great hair treatment to prevent future damage, especially if you colour your hair regularly. What do you think about hydrating masks? For more hair tips and tricks, check out our other blog posts here.

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