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Hair Essentials You Need This Winter

May 06, 2021


Hair Essentials You Need This Winter

Winter is almost here, and that means serious frizz if the cold weather dries out your hair. Instead of revamping your entire hair care routine, we’ve highlighted the best hydrating products to bring back your soft lengths. From hydrating shampoos to essential weekly treatments, you’ll have smooth hair all winter long.

Sulphate-Free Shampoo

Sulphate-free shampoo is a salon go-to, and for good reason. Sulphates are the foaming agent in shampoos, which can overly strip the hair, especially if you have coloured or keratin-treated hair. Instead, sulphate-free shampoos use gentle cleansing agents that leave the natural oils in your hair essential for hydration. Some good options are the Charcoal Revitalising Shampoo and the Keratin Infused Colour Shampoo, which are both sodium-chloride and sulphate-free to smooth and deeply cleanse.


Hair primers are an essential step in any hair routine, but especially in winter if you use heat tools. Primers combine conditioning and heat-protecting ingredients to coat and hydrate the hair to reduce dryness and split ends. Think of it as your base layer before using other styling products, adding a few pumps to wet hair after washing. We love the Oribe Run Through Detangling Primer with detangling oils and amino acids to repair and hydrate the hair before styling.

Hydrating Treatments

Using a weekly hair treatment is essential for several reasons, but mainly to condition and repair in winter. Cold weather means a lack of moisture in the air, which in turn makes hair dry and brittle, even snapping off lengths. Hydrating treatments are a potent mix of nourishing ingredients like argan oil and shea butter that repair the hair shaft for soft, smooth lengths. While conditioners coat the top layer of hair, treatments have a longer time to absorb into the hair shaft for silky, smooth results. A good option for coloured hair is the Snaplex #3 Treatment with protein and vitamin E to repair lengths at the molecular level. Or try the Oribe Signature Moisture Masque for deep conditioning and UV protection with natural keratin and antioxidants. Are you ready to winter-proof your hair? For more hair tips and tricks, find our other blogs here.

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