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How to Control Oily Roots and Dry Ends

May 12, 2021


How to Control Oily Roots and Dry Ends

You may have heard about combination skin types, but what about combination hair? If you find your roots oily a day after washing, but your ends are dry, you may have combination hair, a sign that your oils aren’t travelling down the hair shaft. Luckily, there are ways to rebalance your lengths without breaking the bank.

What Causes Combination Hair?

Hair health is linked to several factors, including diet, stress, and hormones, which affect our sebum production when combined with excessive product use. The result is dry ends and oily roots no matter how often you wash, making dry shampoo a daily necessity. To address the issue, it's best to look at your overall health before tackling your haircare routine. Hair vitamins are a great way to support your inner health with a selection of vitamins and minerals, and when combined with nourishing products, your hair will balance out in no time. But which products are best for combination hair? Note: JS Health Vitamins contain Iodine. Consult a professional before use.

Products for Combination Hair

With combination hair, you have to address two issues at once, and luckily there are multitasking products that both cleanse and hydrate. Starting at the scalp, you’ll want a gentle yet deep cleanse using a sulphate-free shampoo. Sulphate-free shampoos are the best for combination hair as they cleanse without over-stripping the hair of natural oils. Leaving oil on your roots may sound counterproductive, but over-cleansing can also unbalance your sebum production as your hair overcompensates to restore its moisture. The Charcoal Revitalising Shampoo both cleanses and hydrates, but to find your perfect haircare routine, don’t be afraid to mix and match your shampoo and conditioner. The Keratin Infused Shampoo and Conditioner are designed for coloured hair with a gentle, hydrating formula with keratin, shea butter and aloe.

How Often to Wash?

As we mentioned, over-cleansing can cause an excess of oil on your roots, so if you wash your hair every day, you may want to change your washing schedule to once or twice a week. While it may be hard to leave your hair oily, your hair needs time to rebalance its natural oils and moisture. It’s also best to avoid hot water that can further dry your ends. Keep in mind your roots will always trap more moisture and oil than your ends, so don’t be afraid to choose a different shampoo and conditioner, applying the conditioner from the mid-lengths down only. Do you suffer from combination hair? To find more hair tips and tricks, find our other blogs here.

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