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Hair Botox



Hair Botox is the new anti-aging hair treatment without the hassle that a keratin treatment involves. Firstly Hair Botox doesn’t contain formaldehyde. Many of them use more natural ingredients to give you the hair you want without damaging it. Hair botox treatments use micro keratin to give your hair what it needs to stay healthy, strong and smooth. Your hair absorbs the nano keratin, instead of it just sitting on top of the strands. It repairs and restores the hair follicles by giving it the natural keratin that it needs. This helps to create the appearance of fuller, smoother hair.

What does Bottox do to your hair?

Hair Bottox is actually a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibres with a filler, such as keratin. The treatment fills in any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make hair appear fuller and lustrous.

How long does hair Bottox treatment last?

Up to 2 months. The life of your Hair Bottox is determined on how often you wash your hair. For longer lasting results a Sodium Chloride and Sulphate Free shampoo is recommended.

Does hair Bottox straighten hair?

No, it is designed to relax the hair.

Is hair Bottox bad for your hair?

No, Hair Bottox is considered safe for the hair. It is a deep conditioning treatment designed to repair and fill any imperfections on the hair shaft.

Does hair Bottox thicken hair?

No, Bottox for hair does not contain Bottox at all. Instead, it is a topical application designed to “fill in” damaged hair, making it appear thicker, shinier and healthier-looking.

Can I colour my hair after hair Bottox?

Yes, we recommend you wait a week to colour your hair after a Hair Bottox treatment.

How often can you Bottox your hair?

Hair Bottox is designed to last up to 2 months and is recommended to be applied thereafter.

Does hair Bottox change hair color?

Hair Bottox will only fade or change the tone of coloured hair. It has no effect on your natural hair colour.