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Lived-In Blonde: Your Balayage Guide

Oct 13, 2020


Lived-In Blonde: Your Balayage Guide

Blonde hair is an Australian mainstay and highly requested in the summer lead-up with balayage and ombre a popular choice. The best blonde is always natural and healthy-looking, and thanks to the lived-in hair trend, it’s easier than ever. Hair addicts are choosing subtle highlights to mimic that worn-in, effortlessly cool hair look. But if you’re unsure if lived-in colour is for you, don’t worry. We’ve made your ultimate balayage hair guide, breaking down each highlighting technique. So, if you’re ready for summer hair, read on!

What Is Lived-In Blonde?

Lived-in colour is neither balayage nor ombre and instead a subtle highlighting method that amplifies your natural colour. Similar shades are worked into your colour, avoiding the roots, so the hair looks grown-out yet polished. Think Margot Robbie and Gigi Hadid's effortless blonde.

What's The Difference Between Balayage And Ombre?

While the lived-in look is subtle, delicately colouring hair with complementary shades, ombre and balayage have a more prominent colour gradation, with different colour angles and placement. Ombre is horizontally applied for dramatic two-tone contrast, while balayage is vertically applied on the surface strands for a sun-kissed look. Or to get technical, balayage is a colour technique while ombre is a colour style. If this sounds confusing, just think of ombre hair as colour-blocking and balayage as it’s sun-kissed cousin.

What About Balayage On Short Hair?

While balayage on short hair can be a little harder to achieve due to the colour's precise placement, the results are stunning, adding dimension and warmth to your lengths. Bobs, lobs and shorter pixie hair styles become textured and effortless with quick tousled styling.

How To Get The Best Balayage From Your Hairdresser

While pictures are always helpful when choosing a colour, it’s best to know which blonde shades suit you according to your skin tone. For example, if your skin has pink undertones, you’d choose a cooler blonde shade to amplify your features. A good rule of thumb if you want a natural look is to request complementary shades with your colourist's help since they’ll choose a technique to suit you.

How Long Does Balayage Take?

Depending on technique and colour, balayage can take  up to 2-4 hours. Similarly, ombre takes 3- 4 hours, while the lived-in look is a little more complicated Due to the different lengths and widths of the highlights and shades, the process can take up to 5 hours for the best blonde hair colour.

Can I Get Balayage Coloured Hair Extensions?

Want long balayage but have short hair? The good news is you can buy pre-coloured hair extensions. However, we recommend visiting a trusted hair salon who’ll colour and apply your extensions, so they’ll blend perfectly with your hair. Our Russian Hair Extensions use real human hair so they can be cut and coloured to suit your features. They’re also durable and hair-friendly with copper bells attachments, so you don’t have to worry about hair strain or damage.

Which Highlight Method Should I Choose?

Balayage, ombre and the lived-in look are overall better suited to lighter hair shades. It just depends on which technique you like. From high contrast ombre colour to delicate highlights for lived-in blonde, you’ll be summer ready in no time. Still need more information? Our colourists can help you on your summer blonde journey, so get in touch today.

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