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The Best Halloween Hair Hacks

Oct 21, 2020


The Best Halloween Hair Hacks

Although Halloween is an American holiday, Australians LOVE the spooky season trick-or-treating or holding parties every year. But with limits on how we can celebrate, Halloween will be a different event this year, with most states allowed to hold small gatherings at home. If you want to look your best at home, we’ve got tips and tricks for fast, fierce Halloween hair. So, if you’re ready to get spooky, read on!

Halloween Hair Hack #1

Get Inspiration Sometimes it’s hard to think of a Halloween hairstyle, so it’s best to look to celebs for hair inspiration. Who can forget last year’s Billie Eilish trend with celebs colouring their roots green for that iconic grunge look? Or Kim Kardashian’s bombshell blonde as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde? The Kardashian’s are notorious for their Halloween costumes, complete with stunning wigs like Kylie Jenner’s 2018 blonde Barbie look. But if a wig isn’t for you, don't worry. There are other options to get stunning Halloween hair.

Halloween Hair Hack #2

Match Your Hair To Your Costume The perfect hair can transform your Halloween costume, but sometimes a wig can be an impractical solution. Another option is Clip In Hair Extensions, which can be easily applied in under 10 minutes to perfect your Halloween look. Our Clip In Extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair meaning they can be cut, coloured and styled, with 20 inches of length. Plus, with 17 colours to choose from, you may not need to colour them at all!

Halloween Hair Hack #3

Try Minimalist Hair If a full set of Clip In Hair Extensions isn't your Halloween style, there are more minimalist options like our peek-a-boo 2-piece clip-ins. The 2-piece clips-ins are perfect for a subtle Halloween look, framing the face with highlights as seen in our Halloween Competition. Want to know more? Check out the details here.

Halloween Hair Hack #4

Hair Prep Is Essential Neon-coloured hair is one of the biggest hair trends this Halloween, but to get the best from temporary colour, it's best to prep your hair with moisturising products. Try nourishing, sulphate-free products like our Charcoal Revitalising range, which uses antioxidants and charcoal extracts to cleanse and moisture for healthy, shiny hair. The goal is to provide the best foundation for temporary colour to hold, so your hair is bright and eye-catching all night long. Halloween is the one night Australians can truly get creative with their looks, so don’t let your hair game drop. Get on board with these hacks for your best Halloween look! Will you be celebrating Halloween this year? For more hair tips and tricks, check out our other posts.

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