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The Pierre HaddadTM Legacy

Pierre Haddad is an award winning hairdresser, beginning his dedicated enthusiastic career in the hair industry in 1990, building on his years of experience in up-market salons. In 2001 Pierre set up his own salon Pierre Haddad Hair Management in the Sydney CBD, where he is now renowned for creating wearable and desirable hair.

Pierre is an innovator within the industry, and his extreme passion for hairdressing has led him to be a pioneer within the areas of thermal reconditioning and hair extensions. Pierre prides himself in being the first hairdresser in Australia to bring Thermal Reconditioning into Australia, directly from Japan. Pierre also introduced Guava Latino to Australia.

Research and Trends in Hair Management

Additionally Pierre researches into the latest trends in hair extensions, exclusively importing his own hair for extensions from regions all around the world including Russia, India, Brazil, Spain and Peru and utilises only the newest and most effective application techniques. Pierre is currently employing the foremost Copper Bells application method.

A young family man with a cool, enthusiastic attitude. Pierre’s strong focus on superior customer service has been adopted by his entire salon team. The professional team is dedicated to bringing stylistic excellence in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that is integral to Pierre’s success.