The package includes your choice of one of our formaldehyde-free Keratin Treatments:

• Charcoal Relaxer
• Guava Latino Keratin
• Glass Hair Keratin

You’ll also receive a FREE Tangle Teaser Brush & 260ml Charcoal Revitalising Shampoo and Conditioner from the Perfect Hair charcoal range.

We recommend using our Charcoal range to prolong your treatment with our sulphate and sodium-free formula that gently cleanses without stripping the hair. Our products are infused with natural charcoal, aloe and argan oil to smooth and nourish for healthy lengths.



4 X weekly payment

of $62.50 with

*$50 surcharge applies
for long, thick hair


    Charcoal Relaxing Treatment

    Our trademark treatment uses amino acids and natural charcoal extracts to smooth and restore hair without damaging or changing its texture. It’s the reason why this treatment is preferred over other keratin treatments and used on frizzy and damaged hair types to restore resiliency. 

    Thick hair types love the Charcoal Relaxer thanks to our heavy formula, which weighs the hair while processing for instant results. Unlike other

    keratin treatments, you’ll leave the salon with lightweight, smooth hair like you’ve just had a fresh blow-dry.

     Suitable Hair Types:

    • Chemically treated hair (coloured, permed, relaxed and highlighted)
    • Curly, frizzy, damaged hair
    • Dark, coarse hair
    • Hair that’s recently had hair extensions removed 

    Guava Latino Keratin

    The Guava Latino Keratin is our hero keratin formula that has clients loving their hair time after time. Using keratin protein and amino acids, the hair is smoothed and repaired with our safe, irritant-free formula. 

    Like the Charcoal Relaxer, the Guava Latino restores hair without changing or damaging its texture, making it perfect for damaged and rebellious hair. Blonde hair types love this treatment thanks to our light formula that layers and seals broken hair cuticles for healthy, smooth lengths.

    Suitable Hair Types:

    • Dull or aging hair
    • Curly, frizzy, coarse hair
    • Blonde, coloured hair

    Glass Hair Keratin

    The Glass Hair Keratin is an anti-aging hair treatment that deeply conditions with keratin to coat and fill in broken hair fibres for thicker, healthier hair. 

    As we age, our hair naturally loses keratin, an essential protein that keeps our hair full and vibrant, making this treatment ideal for older hair types as well as coarse and frizzy hair.

    Suitable Hair Types:

    • Thin and fine hair
    • Coarse, frizzy and damaged hair
    • Aging hair

     To get the most out of your Keratin Treatment, it’s essential not to wash your hair for 72 hours after application. We know it’s hard but trust us, it makes a difference to the life of your treatment.

    Join our legacy

    Thirty years ago, Pierre Haddad started his career with a simple mission – to combine luxury and innovation for an unforgettable hair experience. Years later, Pierre’s legacy continues at Pierre Haddad Hair Management with a small team of creatives dedicated to transformative hair treatments. 

    From Keratin Treatments and Hair Extensions to bespoke Colour and Styling, excellence is at the forefront of Pierre Haddad Hair Management with our grand marble salon reaffirming our dedication to luxury and style. Our journey is far from over, so join us on our mission for unforgettable, beautiful hair.

    Your mane experience

    • On arrival, enjoy a freshly brewed coffee or a flute of chilled champagne. 
    • Your keratin specialist will then prepare you for your treatment, starting with a deep cleanse with our specialised shampoo to get the maximum results from your treatment.
    • The treatment will then be applied to your lengths to smooth and fill the hair cuticle to eliminate frizz.

    • Then your keratin specialist will flat iron each section to seal in the treatment for perfectly smooth hair.


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