Why Hair Botox is Better Than a Keratin Treatment

If you’re a hair addict, you may have heard of Keratin treatments, the go-to smoothing treatment for unmanageable hair. Hailed for it’s sleek and shiny results, it’s been a mainstay hair solution until now.

Hair Botox is the hottest new trend for healthy hair lovers, but which is better? Hair Botox or Keratin treatments?

What is Hair Botox?

Hair Botox is a new anti-aging hair treatment without the hassle and waiting of a Keratin treatment. Like Keratin, Hair Botox uses micro keratin to make your hair healthy and smooth, with the difference in the absorption method.

Instead of sitting on top of the hair strands, the nano keratin absorbs into the hair, repairing the follicles. And the best part? Hair Botox doesn’t contain any nasties like formaldehyde, so it’s a natural treatment.

With no agonising three-day wait like a Keratin treatment, Hair Botox is the easy choice for sleek, youthful hair.

What Does a Keratin Treatment Do?

A Keratin hair treatment is designed to improve damaged hair structure, making it easier to style without heat. Hair is straight, smooth and manageable even in humid environments!

While Hair Botox will smooth curly hair making it easy to style, it won’t completely straighten your tresses.

How Long Keratin and Hair Botox Last?

A Hair Botox treatment can last up to two months, while a Keratin treatment will last three to four months. This is thanks to the hydrolysed keratin that’s absorbed deep into the hair.

Do Hair Botox or Keratin Treatments Damage Hair?

When applied by a salon professional, both products are safe on most hair types. However, if you have weak or fine hair, it’s recommended you use Hair Botox rather than a Keratin treatment.

Hair Botox enriches the hair strands, while Keratin can potentially damage fragile hair.

So, if you’ve finally had it with the frizz, the tangles and endless hours spent in front of the mirror, try Hair Botox for your next treatment!

Hair Botox Finer Details:

  • Hair Botox lasts up to two months, depending on how often you wash your hair.
  • Doesn’t contain botulinum toxin, the main ingredient of Botox.
  • Smooths curls while injecting vitamins and antioxidants into your strands.
  • Relaxes hair between 40-60%
  • Cuts styling time by 25%
  • Gives the appearance of fuller and smoother hair

Have you used a Keratin treatment or Hair Botox?

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