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Why You Should Dye Your Hair Red

Dec 30, 2020


Why You Should Dye Your Hair Red

If you live by the ‘New Year, New You’ motto, you’ll likely be searching for a new hair colour, and thanks to Kylie Jenner, ruby red is having a revival. The make-up mogul showed off her new copper-red locks on Instagram, but if you don’t have a personal hairdresser, don't worry. The look is easily accessible and always on-trend. So, if you need a reason for a fiery makeover, read our red hair checklist!

Warm Up Your Complexion

Red hair is unique in that most shades will enhance and warm your complexion thanks to the warm undertones which suit most skin tones. Lighter skin tones are perfect for copper and pastel shades, while medium and darker skin tones work with deeper copper and violet colours. With fiery strands highlighting your natural blush, you’ll look fresh and ready to take on the world like Kylie, who opted for a darker copper shade.

Stand Out

If you're one to stand out from the crowd, you'll love a vibrant red hue to attract attention! Think of your hair as an extension of your style, working with your clothes as a bold statement. It’s the reason why celebrities like Rihanna and the Kardashians revisit the colour so often to enhance their vibrant style. Or, if you’re style is more pared-back, try a lighter shade like strawberry blonde for a subtle yet updated look.

Red Hair Is Always On Trend

Worried that this trend will fade like your red locks? While going red feels like a risky commitment, it’s a trend that’s been going strong for the past few years with varying shades. Although we left fire engine red in the 2010s, it was soon replaced by natural strawberry blonde and now with Kylie's copper-red moment. Red pigment is extremely resilient, so if you want a colour with staying power, just pick your favourite fiery shade and go!

How To Make The Transition

Temporary Hair Dye If you love red hair but aren’t ready for a permanent change, temporary hair dye is perfect as it fades progressively over several weeks. Also, there’s minimal chance for damage as there are no chemicals or peroxide with the colour only coating the outside of the hair fibres. Hair Extensions & Wigs Another temporary option is to opt for clip-in hair extensions or wigs for an easily removable way to fire up your locks. If you’re brunette, add some Burgundy Clip-Ins for a subtle update or cover up entirely with a natural red-copper wig, which can be requested at most high-end hair salons. The Professional Touch If you’re game to try this trend with a permanent colour solution, it's best to consult a professional, especially if you want to lighten your strands or colour over colour. A professional will recommend the best colour and tone to complement your features and understands the tricky side of red hair. While red hair is hard to upkeep due to colour fade, it’s also one of the hardest colours to remove due to the smaller pigment molecules attaching deep into the hair fibre while the larger molecules wash away. Removing red colour is a long process and can be frustrating if you don’t have a good hairdresser for guidance. This is one colour to leave to the professionals! What do you think of the ruby red trend? For more hair tips and tricks, visit our other haircare blogs.

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