How To Get Glass Hair At Home

Oct 06, 2020


How To Get Glass Hair At Home

Glass skin was the beauty trend sweeping through 2019 with celebrities jumping on the glowing skin trend, and 2020 is no different. Glass hair is taking over with sleek, luminous lengths the go-to hair look. Think high-gloss bobs and pin-straight, shiny hair like Kim Kardashian or Haley Bieber. The trend isn’t going anywhere, so if you want to achieve glass hair at home, read on!

What Is Glass Hair?

As we mentioned earlier, glass hair is glossy, high-shine hair taking inspiration from glass skin. The ideal is to get your hair as straight and sleek as possible, with many opting for blunt ‘90s bobs to highlight the look. If glass hair sounds hard, like the infamous 12-step glass skin routine, don’t worry. Glass hair is easy to achieve both at home and in the salon.

How To Get Glass Hair

In The Salon: Hair Botox Sometimes it’s best to see how the professionals do it before jumping on a hair trend. So, if you prefer to be in trusted hands, we recommend a Hair Botox Treatment. Hair Botox is a natural keratin treatment without harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, usually found in most other keratin treatments. A Hair Botox Treatment smooths and restores hair with micro-keratin by filling in the hair strands and coating the fibres with keratin. The result is smoother and thicker hair, which lasts up to 2 months, depending on maintenance. We recommend using a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner like our Charcoal Revitalising Shampoo to make your treatment last longer. At Home: Hair Shine Spray If you keep up with the Kardashians, you may have seen the satin smooth hairstyles they’ve been sporting lately, thanks to celeb hairdresser Chris Appleton. Their glassy, straight bobs are a combination of talent and product but don’t worry, that ultra-shine is easier than you think! Chris’ holy grail product is Colour WOW Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray, a smooth texture spray that uses a waterproof formula to protect hair. By using heat-activated polymers to tighten and seal the hair strands, hair stays straight and smooth no matter the humidity. It’s perfect for frizzy, unmanageable lengths, without that horrible greasy feeling like hair oil or thick shine spray. If you want to create your own glass hair routine at home, try the WOW Dreamcoat Spray, followed by straightening with a GHD Gold Styler for smooth Kim K results. What do you think about Glass Hair? Discover your Glass Hair routine at our online store.

Forget dry, dull lengths. Get the beautiful, shiny hair you deserve.

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