The Safe Way to Dye Your Hair

Feb 24, 2021


The Safe Way to Dye Your Hair

They say change is as good as a holiday and if you’ve been stuck at home lately, you’re probably ready for the best change – a new hair colour! At-home hair colour took off last year, but with so many brands it’s hard to know which dyes are irritant and ammonia-free. If you’re wondering what ammonia is, don’t worry. We’ve created an easy guide so you can choose the safest hair dye!

What is Ammonia?

Ammonia is the chemical alkali in hair dye that aids colour absorption into the hair. By swelling the cuticle, the colour attaches deep into the hair's cortex with long-lasting results. But the sticking point is the damaging side effects of ammonia. Although the ammonia molecules are easy to wash out, ammonia is a respiratory irritant, and if you’ve ever permanently dyed your hair, you probably remember the strong smell. Over-dying also damages the hair by weakening the hair cortex causing dry, brittle lengths. Dye-damaged hair can take weeks and even months to repair with weekly hydrating treatments, so we recommend moderate to minimal use of ammonia dyes.

Ammonia-Free Hair Colour

As the name suggests, ammonia-free colour uses alternate ingredients like emollient oils and monoethanolamine to colour the hair without irritation and damage. Ammonia-free hair dyes are usually semi-permanent, meaning the dye coats the hair fibres without changing or damaging the hair molecule. However, semi-permanent dyes tend to last around six weeks and are limiting with colour choices. If you have a dark base colour and choose a lighter semi-permanent dye, the dye will be lost under the darker tones. While this can be restricting, a semi-permanent colour can actually accentuate your natural shade while protecting your hair health. If you’re conscious about hair damage, we recommend opting for a semi-permanent dye, especially if you’re sensitive to irritation.

Semi-Permanent Colour Options

If you’re worried about dying your hair at home, try a semi-permanent gloss or colour at your closest salon for a professional opinion. A semi-permanent gloss is a great option to restore hair health, with the dye pigment mixed with developer for ultimate shine and softness. A full semi-permanent colour is also cheaper than a full head of highlights, so you’ll be kinder on your wallet! Are you thinking of trying a semi-permanent colour? Click here for more hair tips and tricks.

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